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02 March 2010 @ 05:00 pm
nothing better than you  
mostly kim taeyeon (snsd) (37), 2pm (18), IU (14)
= 69




★ always credit festives and/or ninebow if you use any of my graphics.
★ comment if you take/use, please!
★ feel free to join and/or friend this community.
★ do not hotlink!
★ textless icons are not bases unless I said so.
★ you can always request graphics from me.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
just let it bemayshy on March 3rd, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
omg i love it!! i got most of junho and one khun ^^

will credit ^^
KEY! ( L O V E R )minkey_lover on March 3rd, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
wooow snsd icons look soooo cute
Rinaselany on March 4th, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
Nice icons :) Taking some.
misschatellemisschatelle on March 4th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
OMG I really love the IU ones! They're awesome!

Taking a few! (And will credit, of course!)
Trish Nyappytrish_nyappy on March 5th, 2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
The IU ones are so cute <3
Noeliastrawwberrry on March 6th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
I like them : )
I'll take Junho ones
Nightfrost75nightfrost75 on March 8th, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
Taking most of 2pm and a few IU's